List of terms and abbreviations


AECO: architecture, engineering, construction and operation of buildings

Arc (graphs): directed edges


BIM: building information modelling

BIM checker: computer program in which one primarily views and analyses a model

BIM editor: computer program in which one primarily develops and modifies a model

Bridge (graphs): an edge that divides a graph into two unconnected parts


CAAD (computer-aided architectural design): the discipline covering all aspects of computerization in AECO

CAD (computer-aided design): a category of software primarily aimed at the computerization of design representations, including engineering drawings (2D) and models (3D)

Center of graph: the vertices with an eccentricity equal to the radius of the graph

Closeness of a vertex (graphs): its mean distance to all other vertices in the graph

Connected graph: a graph in which each vertex connects to every other vertex by some sequence of edges and vertices

Co-termination: the condition of two entities (e.g. walls) having a common endpoint


Degree of a vertex (graphs): the number of edges connected to it

Degree sequence (graphs): sequence obtained by listing the degrees of vertices in a graph

DM: design management

Diameter (graphs): the greatest eccentricity of any vertex in a graph

Directed graph (or digraph): a graph where edges have a direction (arcs)

Distance (graphs): the number of edges in the shortest path between two vertices


Eccentricity (graphs): the greatest distance between a vertex and any other vertex in a graph

Edge (graphs): usually a relation between two things (represented as nodes)

Exabyte = a million Terabytes = a billion Gigabytes = 1018 bytes


Graphs: mathematical structures that describe pairwise relations between things


IFC (Industry Foundation Classes): a standard underlying BIM

IM: information management

IoT: Internet of things


LoD: level of development (or detail) in BIM


MEP: mechanical, electrical and plumbing

Moore’s “law”: the number of transistors on a chip doubles every year while the costs are halved

MTC: mathematical theory of communication, proposed by Claude Shannon


Node (graph): synonym of vertex


Path (graphs): a sequence of edges and vertices in which no vertex occurs more than once

Periphery of a graph: the vertices with an eccentricity equal to the diameter of the graph

PDF: portable document format


Radius (graphs): the smallest eccentricity of any vertex in a graph


Vertex (graphs): usually the representation of a thing


Zettabyte = a thousand Exabytes = a billion Terabytes = a trillion Gigabytes = 1021 bytes



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